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Beginning January 15th, Park Ridge Community Church will be meeting for Sunday Services in The Ridge


Why Service in the Ridge Gymnasium?

1. The pastoral leadership and staff has spent a lot of time praying, discussing, and seeking counsel and feel this is the will of God.

2. We have had prophetic words regarding the growth of Park Ridge and to be ready for said growth. “Don’t ask for just a few. The Lord is going to fill up this place. You’re going to have to knock out walls, even more. Financially, blessing. Don’t ask for a few jars. Cause the Lord is going to fill you up. Grab that promise. Don’t ask for a few; the Lord’s going to fill them up.” - Barbara Sobel. “Buy more chairs now and prepare. God is going to bring an overflow.” -Another Prophetic Word

3. We are currently growing and nearing capacity of the sanctuary and must choose between adding a service or moving to the Ridge. We believe that moving to the Ridge in one service promotes both unity within the church and provides opportunity for more and quicker growth.

4. The Ridge is a larger space providing better flow, increased handicap accessibility, more room to move around and better restroom facilities.

5. There is a lot of activity at the Ridge and many of the new families that are visiting Park Ridge are connecting with the Ridge first. Hosting service in the Ridge provides them with the comfort and familiarity of the facility while capitalizing on its fresh look and feel.


6. Hosting service in the Ridge enhances the opportunity for interaction between the congregation, guests, and our neighbors from the community who frequent the Activity Center on Sundays


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Won’t it be a lot of work to set up and tear down the Ridge gym every Sunday?

Yes. However, it is possible and provides many opportunities for volunteers, which in many cases enhances the feeling of camaraderie among those people that are working together. With the right people, teams, and systems in place it is manageable and beneficial.

2. What would we do with the current Sanctuary?

The sanctuary will continue to be used for Tuesday Night Prayer Meetings, New Heart, Ridge Christian Academy Chapels, and large group gatherings such as the Seniors etc. It will also be available for Weddings and Memorials.

3. As Park Ridge grows how do we maintain relationships with other people?

Maintaining relationships is important no matter the size of the church. We all need to be intentional with meeting others and help maintain strong, healthy relationships as the church grows. We are in the process of evaluating all aspects of church life including Sunday mornings, ministries, home groups, classes, events etc. and how we can continually improve our ability to connect with and disciple those who attend as we move forward.

4. Will this negatively affect the Activity Center?

We believe that this may actually increase exposure and business as families stay after service to eat in the Commons and have their kids play on the play structure.

5. Will this cause a problem with Tech equipment, moving it back and forth between buildings?

There will be separate systems for both buildings, and both will be appropriately equipped. Mobile carts will be assembled for the Ridge to both protect the equipment and minimize setup and tear down time.


Volunteers Needed!

It will be a lot of work to set up and tear down services each week. This presents incredible opportunities to serve! Fill out the form below to join the team!

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