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Need someone to just talk to and listen? Virgil is here to share his gifts of counseling! Free counseling every Saturday!

About Virgil:


  • Bachelor of Arts, Social Science, University of Washington (1997).

  • Master of Science, Marriage and Family Therapy, Seattle Pacific University (2010).

  • Certificate of Proficiency – Substance Use Disorder Professional – Alternative Training, Whatcom Community College (2017).



Over 10 years of providing in individual, couples/family, and group counseling. Over 5 years of providing consultation/supervision to clinicians, especially those working towards full licensure. Over 3 years of providing substance use disorder counseling in individual and group modalities.


Expectation (Hope):

As a Christian, all my education and experience will be centered on Jesus Christ, who is the Counselor of all counselors. My expectation for those seeking counseling is to work together. That is, this is collaborative work. Ultimately, my hope for those I counsel will become freer and healthier to live the life that they desire and that Father God has called them to live.


-Virgil Kim, MS, LMFT, SUDT

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